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M2200004-v1 Data Management Plan for the Cosmic Explorer Project Joshua Smith et al. Policies
13 Dec 2022
G2200013-v4 Cosmic Explorer Project Org Chart Matthew Evans Management
05 Nov 2022
G2200004-v1 LSC Seminar on Dawn/CE - Introduction David Shoemaker Detector
21 Jan 2022
P2100003-v7 Cosmic Explorer Horizon Study Stefan Ballmer et al. Multimessenger
Neutron Stars
Education, Outreach
Fundamental Physics
Data-Analysis Methods
Compact-Object Binaries
Diversity and Inclusion
Black Holes
06 Oct 2021
L2000003-v1 Snowmass 2021 - Letter of Interest: Compact binaries as probes of dense matter and QCD phase transitions Jocelyn Read et al. Multimessenger
Neutron Stars
Nuclear Physics
Compact-Object Binaries
06 Oct 2020

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