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G2100027-v3 Cosmic Explorer: Progress and Plans (PAX, Aug 2021) Matthew Evans Meeting
24 Aug 2021
P2100003-v6 Cosmic Explorer Horizon Study Stefan Ballmer et al. Multimessenger
Education, Outreach
Fundamental Physics
Data-Analysis Methods
Diversity and Inclusion
Black Holes
Neutron Stars
Compact-Object Binaries
05 Aug 2021
T2100008-v1 Power-law integrated curves for various CE configurations Sylvia Biscoveanu Stochastic
15 Jul 2021
T2000017-v4 Cosmic Explorer Strain Sensitivity Kevin Kuns et al. Detector
15 Jul 2021
G2100023-v2 Cosmic Explorer Horizon Study - June 2021 Matthew Evans Meeting
09 Jun 2021
P2100004-v1 Listening to the Universe with Next Generation Ground-Based Gravitational-Wave Detectors Ssohrab Borhanian et al. Multimessenger
Rates and Populations
Fundamental Physics
Black Holes
Compact-Object Binaries
02 Jun 2021
G2100015-v1 Astrophysics with the next generation of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors Salvatore Vitale Astrophysics
22 Apr 2021
G2100013-x0 Cosmic Explorer Duncan Brown et al. Public Talk / Colloquium
20 Apr 2021
G2000065-v1 Mitigating wind and atmospheric Newtonian Noise at Cosmic explorer Riccardo DeSalvo Conceptual Design
16 Nov 2020
G2000029-v2 Cosmic Explorer instrument udpate Evan Hall et al. Conceptual Design
Basic R&D
27 Oct 2020

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